Springer Spaniel Dog Portraits, Dotty

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Springer Spaniel Pet Portrait by Joanna Culley

Springer Spaniel, Dog Portraits, Dotty

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Engligh Springer Spaniel Breed Information

The English Springer Spaniel as a breed are active and intelligent dogs. English Springers love Man and can develop strong bonds with their owners. They are even-tempered, gentle, friendly, and sociable dogs that are great for kids. Intelligent, courageous and happy animals, that are skillful, willing and obedient, playful and energetic. Springer Spaniels do best when they are with people as much as possible. They can get into trouble if left alone too long. They love water and may constantly get themselves wet and muddy. In appearance the English Springer Spaniel has almond shaped eyes, a good length of ear which is nicely feathered. Their colourings can be liver and white, black and white or either of these colours with tan markings.

English Springer Spaniel Paintings

English Springer Spaniel pet portraits have been a popular breed for me to paint, probably because lots of people own such a dog, whether as a working dog, or as a pet. As a dog portrait artist, of course I love to paint them, they are bright and intelligent looking. Watercolour dog portraits has been the medium of choice, perhaps due to the fact that fine detail such as those feathered ears, can be captured. To commission dog portraits contact Joanna here.