Dog Portraits UK & Overseas Information

I am still passionate about producing dog portraits because you can put so much character into the artwork. I suppose it is because I am such a dog fan and they always seem to have those individual little peculiarities to each of their characters.

Portrait of Tom, Labrador by Joanna Culley

Click to enlarge Golden Labrador portrait

I specialise in creating an effect of 'realism' in dog portraits, which is where I make the dog look as life-like as possible. This is done with putting in the background colours of the dog as washes, and then using a very fine brush in order to pick up the individual hairs and capture the detail around the eye. In fact, I start to paint the eyes first, because once this is right, the rest of the painting falls into place. I like to use only Hot Press best quality watercolour paper and artist materials, to ensure you have dog portraits that will last as long as possible. I can also paint to order, so if you have a particular idea or have seen a style that you like, I can work to your ideas. This includes adding a background scene, or perhaps creating a mottled background effect on the paper. Alternatives to watercolour, are graphite/pencil or a combination of these.

Although most of of the dog portraits are UK based I have produced artwork for many overseas customer from the USA, Dubai and other places worldwide. As an artist and animal lover its always good to meet the dog if the distance is manageable and time allows. The advantage of meeting the dog ensures that I can take a large collection of photographs and find one that shows off your dog best for its portrait. Often where the dog is looking alert and attentive is often the best for a memorable dog portrait. I also usually save all the dog photographs for the painting onto a customised Pet Portrait Artist disk and give to my dog portraits customers as a bonus gift.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Portraits

Click to enlarge Jack Russell Terrier portrait