Portrait of a Lurcher Dog

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Portrait of a Lurcher Dog, by Joanna Culley

Portrait of a Lurcher dog. I worked from photographs I took of this dog in local to me in Hampshire.

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Lurcher Breed Information

The Lurcher as a breed are fun loving dogs and affectionate. Lurchers were originally bred to hunt rabbits and hare in Ireland and Great Britian by Irish Gypsies in the 1600's. They therefore are agile and quick, and have instinctive hunting abilities. Lurchers make ideal pets for the outdoor type families and they are usually even tempered and gentle with people. They can have a short or long haired coat, and both types of coats should receive regular grooming.

Lurcher Dog Paintings

As an artist, Lurcher dog paintings are enjoyable to complete, as the breed has small but alert looking eyes. Lurchers also have wide range of colour variations due to the fact that the Lurcher was derived from sighthound crosses, so no one looks the same. To commission dog portraits contact Joanna here.